My name is Mark Boler. I’ve been involved in computers, electronics and anything scientific and technical for my entire career.

These pages are some of the ongoing thoughts of my nearly 45 years since writing my first computer program. If you are a nerd, a manager or anyone who has, or is dealing with the computer industry I’m hoping you will at least be entertained.

They contain my observations, thoughts and philosophy on the inner workings of the computer software and hardware industry in the past nearly half century.

As the title suggests, I’m centering most of the discussions on the quality of computer and technical organizations and the management of them. But I’ll occasionally stray to a related topic, and sometimes even get a little political.

The first few blog posts should probably be read first in order to gain context. Feel free to post comments, criticisms (and I know there will be many) and any of your own experiences or rebuttals. I’ll do my best to comment or answer them.